Host a Stop

Host a Stop
FAQ: How can I host a Tour stop on the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour at my pool hall?

The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour is the largest, longest-running reginal women’s tour in America. First prize is always $750 and a third to one-half of the field is paid back. The participation has been between 40 and 80 women who play in the main event and 15 to 40 who return on Sunday for the second chance tournament. They will eat and drink whatever the host site has to sell.

On Saturday morning, the tournament begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs until about 8:00 p.m. on Saturday – we need the pool room open by 9:00 a.m. to take sign-ups, get ready for the player’s meeting and for the players to practice. On Sunday, play begins at 10:00 a.m. – we need the pool room open an hour before play begins. The finals in the main event and second chance tournament usually begins by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. This is the schedule with at least 12 tables and races to 7 on both sides. With fewer tables we might have to stay later in the evening.

The raffle drawing for the OB Cues is held before the finals match on Sunday and the winner does not need to be present to win. If the winner is not present, the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will ship the cue to the winner. You can add other cues or prizes to raffle off to help raise the added money and the host site can set the rules of the drawing and winning of those items.

For example, previous raffle ticket prices that have worked well:
100 tickets for $100
20 tickets for $50
7 tickets for $20
3 tickets for $10
1 ticket for $5

One of the reasons the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour is so successful is that we try to schedule each tournament 4-6 weeks apart and try to not conflict with other major women’s tournaments that might detract from the participation level. This lets the regular ladies who participate in it enough time to schedule time off or make arrangements for playing in the tournament.

Solicitation of the added money can begin as early as the host site wants to start. We have many happy host sites, so let us know if you need a reference from any of the sites that have held successful OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour stops.

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Added Money
The host site guarantees $2,000.00 added money. The added money is raised from the sale of raffle tickets on chances to win the OB Cues which generates most of the added money, especially if the host site does pre-event sales. The host site can also seek additional funds by offering advertising to local businesses by selling table signs which read “This table is sponsored by Jim’s EXXON address and phone” or sell advertising in a printed program (handed out during the event). The host site can set up an incentive program for its employees or anyone who sells raffle tickets (such as for each $100 in raffle tickets sold, seller receives X tickets free or whoever sells the most tickets gets a bonus).

The host site will open its doors by 9:00 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday of the event and will have the racks of pool balls out on the pool tables. The host site will not charge table time for practice on Saturday or Sunday mornings for ladies entered in the main tournament or second chance tournament.

The host site will allow the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour the use of their facility on Saturday and Sunday of the event from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Early Raffle Sales
The host site will be responsible for collecting funds from raffle sales and keeping raffle tickets in a secure location to be turned over to a member of the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour Board Members on Saturday morning of the event.

The host site will be responsible for any local media advertising and the organization of such media but the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will take care of advertising the event in numerous National Billiard Publications and Billiard Internet websites before the event.

Local Players
The host site will solicit local players for participation.

Hotel Info
The host site will help locate the names and telephone numbers of hotels nearby its location for inclusion in the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour newsletter, flyer, and website for the convenience of out-of-town players.

WHAT DOES OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour DO?
OB Cues
The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will Federal Express the custom cue to the host site five to six weeks before the event.

The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will advertise the event months beforehand on the Internet, and several print publications. The date of the tournament, location of the host site, and other information will be listed on the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour web site. The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will also advertise the event in CueTimes,,, Pool and Billiard, InsidePool and Billiards Digest.

The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will email notice of the event to its members and provide results after the event.

Photos and Articles
The OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour will take photographs of the tournament, its participants, and the host site and its owners and/or employees and will write an article about the results and will publish them on the Internet and several print publications.